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At Advanced Crating Solutions your precious goods and cargo is our concern. We offer an onsite industrial packing service to have your goods packed and crated at your site.

Strong Base Construction

Advanced Crating Solutions creates strong box and crate bases that can handle heavy weights, such as machinery. These bases have a bearer intersection that is bolted together with coach bolts, nuts, and washers.


Additional chocking blocks are added to spread out the weight of the cargo. If necessary, machines are bolted to the bases for added strength.


The cargo is wrapped and strapped for safe transportation, and Advanced Crating Solutions has a 17-year track record of safely packing cargo for local or export transportation.

Contact us to discuss crates and boxes.

Advanced Crating Solutions

Industrial Packing

Our industrial packing service is available onsite, which means we can pack and crate your goods at your location. We handle a wide range of items, from large industrial plant and machinery to small, delicate, and fragile goods, with professionalism and expertise.


Our experienced team can work within your budget and meet your expectations. You can trust us to take good care of your precious cargo, giving you peace of mind.

Contact us to assist you with industrial packing.

Advanced Crating Solutions

Machinery Packing

Need a machine secured and packed onto a shipping container? Do you have multiple machines and parts that need to be safely loaded and contained?

Advanced Crating Solutions' mobile team is available to work on or off-site, ensuring your products are loaded securely and delivered on time for shipping. We also offer custom-designed timber bases, boxes, and cases, specifically for bolting, strapping, and securing your machinery.

Our strong base construction of boxes and crates gives you complete confidence that your cargo will arrive at its destination in the same condition it left in.

Contact us to discuss the best construction advice.

Advanced Crating Solutions

On-site Packing

Need experienced packers to come to you?

Advanced Crating Solutions' mobile packing teams can travel to- and work on your site to carrying out machinery and container packing.


Our experienced team of box packers and wooden craters have in the past dismantled and packed entire manufacturing plants into wooden crates and shipping containers. You can be confident in contracting our expertise to work on your site.

Contact us to book our packing service.

Advanced Crating Solutions

Plastic Lining & Heat Shrinking

We provide plastic lining for boxes to protect your cargo during transportation and storage. The lining is durable and black, providing added protection.


We may also heat shrink the cargo for added moisture and dust protection. Our professional packing services at Advanced Crating ensure that your cargo is well-protected from outside elements, giving you peace of mind during transportation.


We also use decadents inside the boxes and crates to help with moisture control when cargo is being transported.

Contact us for packing material and service.

Advanced Crating Solutions

Transportation of goods

Our transport and delivery services extend both locally and nationwide. In instances where the delivery is across the country, we partner with an external transporter, namely NGL Logistics, to facilitate the transportation.

Our local delivery, services the Gauteng Region.

Contact us to book your delivery or collection.


Forklift Service

If you require a forklift on-site to facilitate the lifting of your goods, our company is pleased to offer this service, subject to the specifics of the location and the necessary equipment. It is worth noting that we have recently acquired two forklifts, which enables us to provide this service more efficiently.


We offer the use of both our 2.5ton forklifts and a dedicated driver for maximum efficiency.

Contact us to book our forklift service.

Advanced Crating Solutions
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