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Product Range

Advanced Crating Solutions specialises in the manufacturing of wooden crates and servicing the packing, crating and warehousing industry. Our timber boxes and crates are all made to meet the ISPM 15 export regulation. The boxes are manufactured from either plywood, for lightweight cargo or from Kiln-dried Pine.

Racking Decks

Manufactured To Your Specifications


Advanced Crating Solutions manufacture timber racking decks in two forms namely open slatted and closed boarded, for warehouse racking and shelving.


All our racking decks are made from industrial kiln dried S.A. Pine. Racking decks are manufactured to your specification and delivered to your door nationwide.


Widely regarded as the market leaders with our superb quality storage decks - we supply most of the rack manufacturing companies.

Superbly Finished Racking Decks

All of our racking decks are planed all round. This ensures easy marking and labeling, safer and easier handling and weight optimization. Other quality features include high strength and durability.

Warehouse Shelving

We manufacture top quality timber racking storage systems to big and small businesses, and retailers. Whether you're looking for industrial shelving or racking for your factory or warehouse, Advanced Crating Solutions has the warehouse shelving solution that's perfect for you.

CCA Treated Timber

Copper chrome arsenate (CCA) is a wood preservative that is fixed into timber and used to protect wood from rotting, fungi and insects, and to resist leaching.


Freshly treated CCA timber can be identified by its yellow/greenish colour, which fades to grey over time. Racking decks can be also be made from this material.

Contact us for CCA Treated Timber Products

Advanced Crating Solutions Treated Timber
Advanced Crating Solutions Treated Timber

Wooden Boxes

Advanced Crating Solutions manufacture custom wood boxes and shipping crates. Our team of wooden box manufacturing experts, manufacture timber boxes with the most appropriate design, strong base construction and optimal material. Boxes manufactured for lightweight cargo are manufactured from plywood.

Our boxes are made of durable plywood with a strong base construction and a wall thickness from 3mm to 30mm. Our plywood boxes are available in different shapes and sizes & durability depending on the customer requirement.

Contact us for custom designed wooden boxes

Advanced Crating Solutions

Timber Skids & Pallets

Advanced Crating Solutions manufacture timber skids for the crating of heavy machinery and heavy tonnage like stacking concrete, steel and other materials.

We have a range of standard sizes but can also manufacture skids to meet your specific requirements. 

Contact us for custom designed timber skids and pallets.

Advanced Crating Solutions Timber Skids and Pallets
Advanced Crating Solutions Timber Skids and Pallets

Container Packing

Advanced Crating Solution s' mobile team are available to work on or off site to get your products loaded on time and securely ready for shipment.


Advanced Crating Solutions' can also custom design timber bases, boxes and cases for bolting, strapping and securing your machinery. You can have complete confidence that your cargo will arrive in the same condition it left in, due to our outstanding strong base construction of boxes and crates. 

Contact us to assist you with container packing solutions for your business.

Advanced Crating Solutions Container Packing

Grades offered is B/C Grade or C/C Grade

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